Six Figure Income

Six Figure Income

This is the easiest way to Make Money Online, especially for international publishers. Just join this program and promote this program as I do in Free Online Jobs , you get paid $1 to $4 per referral you make in Click Bucks programs (free to join). Also you will Earn $200-$500 per month and up working in your spare time. Extensive training, support, Websites and products all provided FREE. No cost to get started, no obligation, and zero risk, You will also receive FREE VALUABLE BONUS! FREE Internet Income Course - Ongoing training on how to create multiple income streams worldwide via the Internet. A $295 annual value.

How do I make money with SFI? this is the common question I have been getting from many of my SFI Affiliates thru e-mail. For easy understanding I am listing down the steps of success below

Join Six Figure Income

Join the SFI Program Of course FREE of charge Available Worldwide.
Once you get your login details you are a AFFILIATE, login to your SFI account, you will see a Smart Start Affiliate Course link, go through the details (it has lot of useful information, grab as much as you can). Once you complete this you will become a FULL ACCESS AFFILIATE.OK, Now you are ready to earn money. Now you need to decide on the below PATHS

  • I am very good in selling products online. I want to earn money by selling products online (Will require investment)
  • I am very good in getting referrals. I want to earn money by referring persons to SFI website (DOSENT REQUIRE ANY INVESTMENT)
I decided to follow PATH II because its FREE. So I am explaining only the PATH II in this website.
My Focus Click Bucks

You will see My Focus link in your Account Details, click on it and choose Click Bucks as your Focus. Now you will see a link in My Click Bucks Gateway: as . Copy your Click Bucks link (with your id) and place it in your website, put it in forums, guestbooks, or send it in email to your friends, of course everybody will join as its FREE and has a huge INCOME OPPOURTUNITY. (You know around 40 persons join SFI thru my CB link daily).

Making Free Money

The catch here is when somebody joins SFI thru your CB link, you get paid $1 to $4 for referring them to SFI, they wont be placed in your down line, and instead they will be placed in some others down line. So you are earning for loosing the credit of referring (Believe me this is the best way to make money from SFI, than having them as your down line).

How and when will I get money

You will be paid only for the members who finish their Smart Start Course and become a Full Access Affiliate (As per my report 75% of the people joining SFI finish their Smart Start Course. You can see your Click Buck report in My Focus section.

You will be paid only after 60 days (this is done to make a cheat proof system). To tell in detail, for example if you have referred 100 persons in Jan, then you will be paid approx $150 in mid of April. You can choose your payment method; it can be thru Check, PayPal of thru SFI Cash Card.

For each $2 earned you will get 1SVP, so by referring 20 persons per month you can easily get 10SVP which will make you an EA (Executive Affiliate) automatically. Form this point you will be earning EA Bonus also (that more FREE MONEY).

Additionally there are many programs in SFI which you can join and make money. You will get many gateway pages to promote when you join SFI, you can put then all in a single website as I do in Work From Home Website. By joining Click Bucks program you will get the rich content you require to create a website